What to Keep in Your Car: 8 Things That Will Come in Handy

Modern life means a lot of time behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to upgrade your ride and enhance your experience on the road by making it safer, smoother, and much more enjoyable. Whether it’s charging your devices on the go, organizing your truck, or repairing, these creative car gadgets and accessories will have you covered on your motorized travels.


Bring a little organization to your car with the side pocket. Not only does it come with a coin pocket and slot to collect all that loose change, but it has an extra cup holder and a thin pocket to hold your phone, wallet, keys, glasses, or anything else. It fits right between the seat and the console, and it’s sleek and convenient.


We can’t live without our smartphones even while driving a car. This is because, from Bluetooth streaming of songs to using Google Maps for navigation, our mobiles are making our lives easier even while on the move. This also means the battery life goes for a toss. A wireless charger (for lots of gadgets) is probably one of the most important car accessories.


Keeping things spick and span on a road trip is no easy job, but a portable vacuum can do wonders for the cleanliness of your vehicle. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Designed especially for the interior of your automobile, it comes with an extension tube for hard-to-reach corners, as well as a brush head for carpets and upholstery.


Metal Air Freshener for Cars

Maintaining a car is a tiresome experience. Keeping it mechanically sound and clean inside-out requires a lot of effort. However, no matter how clean your car is on the inside, you would not want to sit in a place that does not smell nice. Invest in a nice air freshener to ensure you feel nice when you take your car for a spin.


There isn’t much that makes a car look older than it is than unfixed exterior dents and scratches. Fixing these types of exterior blemishes not only helps your vehicle look better, but also prevents rusting and corrosion.


Nothing is worse than dog hair all over your car’s upholstery unless it’s that wet-dog smell that imbeds itself in upholstery and lingers forever. Buy a waterproof seat cover that lets your pet ride in comfort while protecting your back seats.


Between chargers, snacks, and things to keep the kids entertained, you have a lot of stuff in your car. Keep it all organized with these genius pockets which slip right over your headrests. Reviewers rave that they have plenty of space for all your essentials and that they’re well-made so they’ll last for months (and maybe even years) of everyday use.


Keep your garbage out of the cup holders for good with this waterproof organizer. Hang it from the door, the seat back, or behind the center console, and never let gum wrappers and the like find new homes in your car’s corners again. This is especially great for long road trips, where frequent garbage disposal stops are slim, and you’d rather not store fast food containers at your feet.

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